Disadvantages of Choosing Not to Study Abroad

An increased urge for studying abroad is seen in the Indian students now-a-days. Not only the younger generation is attracted to the popular study destinations like The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, but many are choosing to pursue their education in Italy, Germany and France where English is not the prime means of communication. Ask an education expert in an education fair in Chennai 2016, he will talk about several disadvantages of not studying abroad and convince you to step into the western world for education. But, why?

benefits of Studying Abroad

Probing into What Convinces Indians to Study Abroad

Is it the value and esteem associated with foreign universities that prompt the Indian students to go abroad for higher studies? Or it is the better career prospects that entice the young Indians to get admission in the top overseas institutions? If the standard of education, repute of the foreign institutions, career prospects and options for research is taken into consideration, then what crops up in the mind is: Does the quality of higher education our country fall short of what is offered by the western world? Do the colleges and universities in India fail to offer much scope for research?  Are the methods of education followed here are not good enough to keep back students and refrain them from studying abroad?

Highlighting on the Prime Drawbacks of Not Studying Overseas

Here are the disadvantages of not studying abroad:

  • Inadequate Exposure:

One of the marked disadvantages is inadequate exposure in India for those planning to pursue higher studies. Many present generation presentations can now afford overseas education for their students. Moreover, thanks to the easy availability of scholarships and financial aids, the students can live and study abroad without financial constraints. By studying overseas, students are exposed to international learning environment and culture and globally accepted working atmosphere. They get the chance to make international friends, acquire confidence and mature fast. This turns out to be a remarkable advantage when you think of building up a career in the long term.

Moreover, getting a degree from a top overseas university would enhance your value to the big brand employers. A candidate with international exposure is always valued more than an individual with local perspective on things.

  • Lack of Lateral Thinking Scope:

If you look back at your school days, you will realize that you have been given exposure to outdated content and compelled to mug them up and memorize to present them in the exam papers. You have not been taught to think laterally but in a linear manner. Surveys prove that in India, students are taught about what to think and not how to think. Here lies the problem with our education system. As teachers, we do not allow our students to grow their own perspectives, rather burden them with the age-old, conventional perspectives.

  • Lack of Application-Based Learning and Purposeful Research:

In order to find out the third biggest drawback of not studying abroad, we should highlight on certain positive aspects of education in the foreign countries. Most of the popular foreign institutions support application-based learning and encourage institution-industry communication and purposeful research. Moreover, these universities offer 24×7 laboratory and library facilities and superfast Wi-Fi on campus.

The universities in Canada allow students to gain knowledge through research-oriented project works. While students’ autonomy is highly support in Canada, the professors offer their helping hand to enrich the knowledge and learning experience of the students. On the other hand, the institutions in the US, allow students to acquire knowledge through working on assignments in a team, to prepare and present research papers and interact with the concerned industry people. On the contrary, education in India is content-based and the opportunity for research facilities and students’ autonomy is limited here.

To know more about the disadvantages of not studying abroad, approaching a consultant in an education fair in Chennai 2016 would be helpful.


Summary: This article focuses on the positive aspects of the overseas universities to help you understand the disadvantages of not pursuing education abroad. Read on to know how education in a foreign university can help you build a prosperous future.


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