Why Should You Choose New Zealand As Your Study Destination?

Maori Culture- The Formal Hongi Greeting Touching Foreheads and Noses
New Zealand Maori Culture– The Formal Hongi Greeting Touching Foreheads and Noses

New Zealand as a study destination is no more far behind than the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Now, a sizeable number of students from all parts of the world, especially from India, choose to pursue higher education in New Zealand. If you want to know why, you need to browse through this blog. You may also approach the consultants at an education fair to know the reason behind the popularity of New Zealand as a study destination.

Here are some of the prime reasons why you should study in New Zealand:

Safe as Well As Modern:

This country has ranked first among the safest locations of the world. International students coming to New Zealand can roam about safely as crime rate is considerably low. Moreover, the lifestyle and living conditions of this country is also of high quality. The residents of this country are friendly in nature and they always welcome new cultures with a smiling face.

British-Based Based Education System:

The study programs offered in the colleges and universities of New Zealand are based on the education system followed in Britain. The degrees offered by the New Zealand institutes are recognized all over the world. The educational institutions of this country encourage research and internships that enable students to acquire practical skills required to shine in their professional life in the years to come.

Reasonable Tuition Fees:

Education in New Zealand is affordable when compared to that in other countries of the world. The low tuition fee and low cost of living prompt many students to come to New Zealand to pursue higher studies.

Availability of Financial Aid:

Various scholarships are available for students willing to pursue higher education in New Zealand. These scholarships are offered as financial aid so that the international students can easily afford their studies in this country. These scholarships are usually offered by the government, private organizations and educational institutions.

The international students are also given the option to work for maximum 20 hours a week while pursuing a course in New Zealand. They can work full time during the vacation. Find out the exact status of your student visa before deciding to work while studying in New Zealand. There are certain visas that do not permit the international students to work.

International Recognition of Courses:

Big brand employers around the world recognize degrees offered by the New Zealand colleges and universities. Thus, on completion of your course, you are mostly likely to be absorbed by a top-notch employer, though it would depend to a great extent on your scores.

Supportive Immigration Rules:

The fantastic immigration rules of New Zealand are one of the chief reasons that urge international students to come to his country to pursue higher education. After graduation, the international students will get a 6-month permit. Under the general skills category, they will acquire additional points from their residence application.

The aforementioned reasons are logical enough to convince about pursuing education in New Zealand. For more reasons, approach the experts present in a global education fair in Chennai.

Summary: New Zealand in now a popular study destination attracting students from various parts of the world. This blog showcases the reasons why you should study in New Zealand.


Why Studying in Australia may be the Right Move for you?

Study in australia
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Australia ranks third among the countries attracting the highest number of international students per year. It is also the seat of 7 universities of the world. So, the quality of education in this country is bound to be very high. Apart from the high quality of education, that are various other reasons that are good enough to inspire you to choose Australia as your study destination. Read on to know some of the major reasons in detail. Visiting an Australia education fair would also let you know why studying in Australia may be the right move for you.

Here are some of the primary reasons that prompt international students to select Australia as their study destination:

Friendly Environment for Students:

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant nation with friendly people. English is the language of instruction in this country. It has a safe and friendly society where students get ample opportunities to learn and move about freely.

Affordable Education:

Studying in Australia is less expensive, especially when compared to studying in the United States and the United Kingdom. While the standard of living is quite high in this country, education in Australia offers a good value for money. Moreover, the scholarship opportunities are more in Australia than in any other country.

Excellent Education System:

The Australia’s approach to professional and technical education is considered to be one of the best in the world. The education system of the country has a good reputation for excellence in various domains of education. The universities in Australia ensure that the students not only acquire knowledge but also acquire the ability to apply the knowledge in the workplace in future years. Practical and career-oriented training is offered so that the students become confident that they possess the skills demanded in the industry.

Australia encourages new technologies more than most other nations. The teaching, research and training facilities available in this country are globally acclaimed. The educational institutions here are equipped with state-of-the-art classroom and laboratories and rich libraries.

Excellent Employment Opportunities:

While the United Kingdom offers good job opportunities for doctors and the United States attract the IT professionals, Australia offers employment in multiple other disciplines. Whether it is in Agricultural sector or in Aeronautics field, in Accounts or finance departments, Australia provides work permits to international students like no other country.

The aforementioned reasons are good enough to allure you to go to Australia to pursue higher education. However, visit an Australia education fair, talk to the consultants, seek their advice about which university to choose.

The consultants present at the Australia education fair are usually very knowledgeable and they are the best to guide you regarding which university to choose. They will let you know about the eligibility criteria, admission procedures, scholarship opportunities in various Australian educational institutions. Apart from seeking their guidance, you can also check the internet to know about the top Australian universities and the admission procedures they follow.

Summary: Planning to go abroad for studies? You can choose Australia as your study destination. Read this blog to know why Australia may be the right education destination for you.