Benefits of Attending a Study Abroad Education Fair

Study Overseas Global -University Representatives meeting students

Not sure if you should attend the education fair in Hyderabad? Visiting an education fair can be massively useful especially when you want to apply for a study abroad course. The fair serves as a platform to enable potential PhD and master’s degree students and representatives from different universities and graduate schools across the world to interact with each other. In fact, these types of fairs are more powerful than online sources in giving information as you get first-hand knowledge of everything. If you still feel unsure how things work out there, then continue reading below. You will be able to know the benefits of visiting an overseas education fair.

Why Attend a Study Abroad Education Fair?

Direct interaction with representatives and old students

One of the main advantages of attending education fairs is that you get a chance to meet official representatives and old students of various universities at one place. You can speak to them and get immediate responses around any query you have related to course, funding, application procedure and more. No doubt online research is helpful, but the kind of details you obtain here can significantly contribute to your decision-making.

Understanding of what universities look for in their prospective students

Another key benefit of visiting education fair is that you get a broad idea of the kind of qualities universities search for in their potential students. Admission officers can help you understand on what basis admission to a particular university is given. If you happen to meet study abroad students and ask them their opinion about education fair, they are most likely to mention this point above all. In fact, when you go there, you will also realize the same. Generally, university representatives attach huge importance to qualities like focus, determination and passion. Besides, some universities also give preference to students with work experience. However, just remember one thing every program has its own requirement; hence you can expect to see some flexibility in the criteria.

Meeting with expert speakers

In addition to university representatives and alumni, you can also meet many expert speakers there. They can be seen participating in seminars and presentations to discuss their views on a particular topic. For instance, if you are confused whether you should go for a master’s degree or do PhD directly, you can listen to their suggestions and get a clear picture of a better choice. At the same time, they can also guide you on application procedure and what it means to be doing a study abroad course in a foreign destination.

Opportunities for funding and scholarships

The main concern of many students hovers around funding of their chosen courses. If you attend education fair, this area can be addressed well. Some events offer exclusive study overseas scholarships opportunities to fair attendees. Besides, some fairs give free copy of scholarship guide to a certain number of first arrivers. The copy contains information on study destinations and programs, funding and career advice, details on graduate departments of various universities and more.

From this, it is obvious that education fairs are hosted for the benefit of students who want to do their higher studies in a foreign destination and pursue a successful career later. So, before it gets too late, do make sure to attend education fair in Hyderabad. It will help you only in decision-making. Just take care of one thing when you go there you have your groundwork ready, right from having a few courses selected that you would like to study to listing queries around the destinations, programs and admission procedure, etc. This will give you confidence in interacting with officials and show you the right direction.



Still think that attending a study abroad education fair will be a waste of time? Read this article for insights on why you should go to one!


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