5 Questions to Ask a Visiting University At a Study Abroad Education Fair

Study Overseas Global- World Education Fair
Study Overseas Global- World Education Fair

The best way to know more about studying abroad is to collect information and getting your queries answered in an education fair such as the World Education fair, the largest education fair held in almost every metro city in India. They are knowledgeable, professional people representing different universities and all set to answer your queries. Although various questions might bombard your mind but out of these five most vital and commonly asked questions are from the following topics:


Details of the Academic Program and Admission Procedures

Any questions regarding courses offered. For example, what are the Degrees that are offered? The Majors and Minors as well as the Electives those are available. What are the special programs offered? What are the accreditations associated with the college you want to know about. Another essential part to get admitted to the college of your dream is the admission requirements or criteria. Any other requirements you would have to meet for specific programs as auditions, tests, interviews etc. Knowing the admission deadline is as much important as the application fees. What is the minimum score that can get you admitted? These are confusions sorted out in fairs like the World Education Fair.

Costs and Financial Aid

Costs involved in a course are an important question to ask. The tution fees and the money you would need for you to survive. Whether there is any program that offers financial aid to you as a student. How viable are part-time jobs in and around the campus.


Know about the different housing options available on campus or off campus. How can one apply for a residence and if it is guaranteed. Ask if you get to choose your room and roommate. Get from them the meal plans that are available if any in a room or a residence. How many fresher live inside the campus? These are some of the questions you may ask regarding accommodation.

Campus Environment

Campus life is an essential part of college. You get to spend the maximum amount of time outside your classroom. Know about the facilities that you get-libraries, shops, banks, recreational area, language centers, and other facilities. Know about things that tell you about campus security. What measures are taken by the university to ensure the safety in campus. How safe is it at night for a student to walk all alone. Campus life also includes professors and seniors, how approachable they are. How cooperative the other staffs are. How is the community around the campus? And what is the easiest transport mode available to reach the campus. Helpful people in fairs like World Education fair guide listen to your queries attentively before solving them.

Services Available to the Student

Last but not the least the services that are offered to the students. What are the job opportunities, career services that students get from the particular university? What are the medical facilities available and is it a 24 hours service? What kind of special support does the campus provide for a new student? For students who are seeking to tutor what are the resources through which they can get the support?

World Education fairs bring different universities from all over the world under one roof, ready to assist you to study abroad.


The blog answers five top questions that you can ask any university at a study abroad education fair.


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