Great Internship Programs for International Students


Visited a study abroad education fair recently? Are you all geared up to take up an internship program abroad? Well, that’s a great idea! Going through an internship overseas is similar going to the gym: it’s a painful but exciting process that will make you better in the long term. Spending time in an untried culture away from your friends and family may be tough initially, but you get a lot of benefits from it.

If you’ve visited any study abroad education fair, then they may have perhaps provided you list of these overseas internship destinations:

University of Westminster in London, England with CEA

The University of Westminster offers the perfect internship for college students who are interested in a finance career London is Europe’s financial and banking hub, hence getting an internship here would provide an edge, particularly if you wish to work in the European market.

Internship in Latin America with the Intern Group

Nursing is believed to be one of the top growth markets for jobs in the next few years. The Latin America international internship program offered by The Intern Group gives you opportunities for health science, nursing, and physical therapy. It is a great choice for those interested in a medical science career.

Internship in Shanghai, China with Academic Programs International

An internship in China is a suitable option for those interested in pursuing a career based in Asia. It’s a universal economic superpower, and it also holds superb cultural implication. You can get an internship in accounting, business, and finance, management, STEM subjects, among the others.

IES Abroad Sydney Summer Internship in Australia

Sydney is one of Australia’s most progressive cities, with over 4.6 million residents. Noted for its exceptional fusion of culture and languages, you can find something familiar. If you have enrolled for the summer internship program then make sure to visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney’s beaches, and other distinguished sites. Fields with available internship opportunities include marketing, accounting, advertising, education, and business.

Internship in Madrid with the Intern Group

Pursuing an internship abroad in Madrid will help you obtain precious career experience and gain a greater appreciation of the world.   Through this program, The Intern Group has placed interns at prominent companies such as Grant Thornton and Mazars. Internships in finance, graphic design, accounting, and marketing are available.

Internship in Hong Kong with The Intern Group

The Hong Kong program offered by The Intern Group introduces you to internship opportunities in trustworthy companies such as TedX and Credit Swiss. Internship options in computer information systems, graphic design, and management information systems are up for grabs.

Dresden Internship Program in Germany Offered by Boston University

Genetic counseling is yet another job area, which is expected to boom. Becoming an overseas student at the impressive Technische Universität Dresden will certainly help you prepare yourself to be competitive in the field. The internship program allows you select from various fields including biology, biochemistry, and science.

Dublin Summer Internship Program in Ireland Offered by Boston University

If you prefer a European venue for business internships, then Dublin seems to be the perfect choice. You can take up internship programs in marketing, business management, and finance, all of which are anticipated to have significant growth in the labor market within 10 years.

IES Abroad Santiago Summer Internship in Chile

Summer internships provide a variety of subjects, including finance, accounting, education, business, and marketing.

Atlantis Project Hospital Internships in Spain or Portugal

The Atlantis Project provides students an opportunity to participate in an inspiring medical intern program abroad. If you’re decided on a career in health service, you will surely benefit from this program. Atlantis Fellows get the opportunity to dive deep into nursing, medicine, and other health-oriented studies.

No matter where you go, choosing the right internship abroad will give you a priceless head start. For further information, you can check the upcoming university visits to your local place.

Summary: The article focuses on the top international destinations where you can take up internship programs.


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