Study Abroad Destinations for the Quintessential Art and Architecture Majors

15800678_1380561198650247_7143668952937999471_oThe wonders of studying abroad are something every student dreams of. While immersing yourself in a culture that is starkly diverse from your own is one of them, another important aspect of going to a foreign destination is to experience a whole new world. As an art or architecture student, it is all the more essential to have experienced life to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds you. An amazing way to add some dimension to your academic portfolio is to pursue a degree or certificate course abroad. Here are the top choices at overseas education fair for art and architecture students:

The traditional styles of British opulence and grandeur are something that seeps from every nook and cranny of London. It is one of the most popular destinations for international students seeking a degree in art or architecture. The renowned British Museum is known to house over eight million objects scoured from the historic past offering a great deal of inspiration to students. London also features a number of art galleries with masterpieces on displays. The very sights of this city too are notable and wonderful creations. Head to the famous Design Museum which shines light on all the various aspects of designing or visit the Queen’s House on a weekend to view its architecture style. Whether you wish to delve into the alleys to view hidden gems or hobnob with the elite crowd of modern socialites and artists, in this city it is all a possibility!

New York City
The hustling and bustling New York city is a wonderful destination for artists and architecture students to surround themselves with various modern styles and elements. Not only does the city have a number of museums and art institutions that offer inspiration, but the city itself can become your playground. Gothic styled churches nestled among tall skyscrapers and opulent art galleries make the city a hub for creative prodigies.

The renewed United Arab Emirates with sprawling expansions and flowing money is the place to be. Not only is it a marvel to be able to build such a wonderful oasis of modern amenities among the harsh deserts, but also has developed into a hub for connoisseurs of art. Some of the tallest buildings in the world are housed in Dubai, built keeping in mind the harsh conditions and emergencies it may need to face. While modern skyscrapers here can be found one after the other, it still has a number of traditional structures maintained in its old style. Hand carved doors, Islamic styles and traditional pieces adorn the city even today. A number of internationally acclaimed universities are setting up educational branches here as well, making it a hotpot for students. If these things are not enough to make you want to run to Dubai, their art galleries and museums with special curated pieces will definitely draw you to this city!
There are a number of universities that offer internationally accepted degrees, making your experience abroad a wholesome and enriching one!

As an artist or architecture student, studying abroad can be a wonderful opportunity to delve into different styles and aspects and appreciate the wonders that have stood for centuries before you. Head over to these study abroad destinations for a unique and wonderful experience!