Settling in as a Foreign Student: Cultural Shock and Homesickness 101’s


When you move abroad, a common problem you may experience is the feeling of homesickness. While putting into words this sensation would not do justice to the emotion itself, there is no reason you cannot overcome it. Student counselors suggest that as excited as student may have been when they first visit an overseas education fair, homesickness is something they will face in their own capacity.

Acknowledging Your Feelings

While the most common way to deal with homesickness is to ignore it in order to forget it exists, doing so will only lead to self destruction and exhaustion. Instead of drowning yourself in social situations and trying to ignore your woes, acknowledge the problem and find an effective way to deal with your emotions. There are a number of simple things you can do in order to acclimate to the new situation. Eat your favorite food from back home or schedule a Skype session with your family. Even small things can make the biggest difference in preserving your sanity.

Do Not Lock Yourself Away

Locking yourself away on the other hand is worse than simply ignoring your homesickness. You may find it tempting to shut yourself in a room and reminisce about all things home, but you will only miss out on some of the best memories of your life. To feel homesick and miss your comfort zone is one thing, but letting it overtake and steer your life is only a recipe for disaster.

What Do You Mean by Culture Shock

Every once in a while, you may suddenly feel as if you are not sure about what you are doing. Culture shock, feeling like you are out of place and lost, is a common side effect of travelling for a long program abroad. while it may seem like an insurmountable task, overcoming this emotion is the only way to survive. instead of looking at the differences between your culture and the local one, try to find the similarities and silver linings. You do not need to change yourself or your beliefs in order to fit in, just as you need to find peace with all that surrounds you.

Seizing the Moment and Finding Your Passion

Through the duration of your program, there will be a number of life defining moments that will make all the efforts worth it. Instead of focusing on the bad days, try to spend this time inspiring yourself, and this time will pass much faster. Whether it is screaming yourself hoarse supporting a football team with thousands of other fans or dining at a Michelin star restaurant, try to immerse yourself in moments of transformation and revitalization.

Experts at the overseas education fair recommend that you can also train your body and mental senses to thrive in a new environment. Exercising to get rid of the toxins and travelling to stimulate mental wellness are some of the many things you could try in order to better adjust to the new place you will call home for a significant time.

Excited and enthusiastically you make your way to a foreign destination for a study abroad program. however, all of a sudden you find yourself missing home and your own bubble unlike ever before. Do not fret, here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you get rid of the blues!


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