Ways to Avoid getting Deported while Studying Abroad


Throughout high school, everyone dreams of studying abroad, going to the best colleges in the world, getting into their dream university, living an independent life away from home and what not. College life in a different country is indeed a different experience, with a mix of tons of hard work, meeting new people and cultures, socializing and probably having the time of your life.  The idea of living alone, independently, and managing an adult life on your own may seem very appealing for most.  To make it memorable and secure, it is important to have your fun without getting involved in legal complications.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind during your course abroad to stay away from trouble to the extent of getting deported and to portray your maturity as an independent adult. 

Visa and other Important Documents

One thing that is more important than the college you’re going to, is your permission to stay in that country. Valid visas (student visa in this case), passport, residence permit and other immigration documents are something that cannot be compromised on. Once your seat in the foreign university you want to go to has been confirmed, it is imperative that you do your homework and get all your documents ready for the duration of stay in that country. More information about the specific legal documents required for different countries can be accrued at College Abroad Fair.

Local Laws

As they say, “Do in Rome as the Romans do”, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basic atmosphere, and more importantly the local laws of the city you’re going to spend a majority of your next few years in. Your Indian citizenship will not be of any help if you’re locked up in prison a thousand miles away from home for breaking a law you had no idea about.  Basic laws and rules may vary from the ones in your hometown and something as basic as driving on the wrong side of the road can force you to abandon your dream of studying abroad. Therefore, it is a good idea to have basic cognizance of the do’s and don’ts of the foreign country before you step foot in it. You may do so by looking up reviews of people and surfing online and also ask College Abroad Fair for assistance.

Violence and Consumption of Illegal Substances

Different countries have different age barriers for consuming certain substances. If you do indulge in those kind of things, it is important that you know how stuff works at your destination and strictly comply with those statutes to ensure your safety and security in the country.

Violence, on the other hand, is not accepted anywhere. Getting convicted for violence is a serious offence which could lead you to be thrown out of the country and getting blacklisted forever. Resolving issues without getting perturbed, and staying out of physical fights is probably your best bet to stay in the college for the interned period of time. However if you do get caught up in some kind of scuffle, the ideal alternative will be to seek help from the law or an authority.


Keeping in constant touch with your family might seem irrelevant, but is necessary for staying on the guided and lawful path throughout. In case of any unforeseeable emergency such as misplacing your visa or passport, seeking help from the consulate should be your optimum option. However, if this isn’t possible, contacting your family is the smoothest and most convenient way to get the work done and documents retrieved, for you to be allowed to stay in the country.

Manipulating your Resumé

The most unwise step you can take, is manipulating and fudging your credentials. You may sound like a Brainiac at that moment, and get into your desired university, but sooner or later, your deed will be discovered and that won’t be a pretty sight. It may lead to severe punishment, deportation and you may get blacklisted by most colleges worldwide. It is better to stick to the truth and list your qualifications honestly and be recognized for who you actually are.


The laws for carrying weapons also are different in every country. Although possession of any of kind of armaments is not required during your college stay, if you do insist on owning one, you need to make sure that you have a legal license and permission for it. Make sure you are informed about the minimum age and other desiderata required, by authentic sources, to be allowed to retain your visa and complete your education.

Studying abroad is a great idea and nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind will just help you reach your target more smoothly.


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