How an Education Fair will be a Boon for Students

Education fairs are typically organized by renowned education consultancies with the aim to help students collect information about getting admitted admissions into the well-known educational institutions and programs in India and around the world. Those interested to chase their dream of pursuing higher studies abroad can be immensely benefited by attending a global education fair.

Student meeting at Study abroad Education Fair
Study Abroad Education Fair

Witness an international education fair to be a part of the discussions, benefit from demos and get counseling from university representatives all under a single roof. The exhibitors can help with the unique programs and facilities provided by the celebrated foreign universities and the particular offers these institutions are providing to the participants in the fair.

How Will You Benefit by Visiting an Overseas Education Fair?

Get the Opportunity to Make a Comparative Analysis:

On visiting an overseas fair, you get the opportunity to interact with the delegates of different foreign universities. They highlight you on different topics including exam patterns, education system, tuition fee, admission procedure, and scholarship opportunities, thereby, allowing you to make a comparative assessment of the offerings by various educational institutions around the globe.

Assistance in Preparing your Admission Application:

Preparing an admission application, particularly for an overseas university, is not as simple as it seems. Your resume, statement of purpose as well as letters of recommendation should be prepared suitably to improve your chances of admission in the institution of your preference. At an overseas education fair, the counselors as well as career advisors provide assistance on how to create a flawless application to have a magnificent first impression.

Get to Know About the Application Timelines:

When it comes applying for admission in an international university, only preparing an inspiring application would not help you win the race. In fact, if you fail to submit your application on time, then your entire efforts will be wasted. By visiting an overseas education fair, you will come to know about the timeline of the application process and can act consequently.

Availability of Multiple Offers:

In addition to providing detailed information on eligibility criteria, admission procedure, scholarship options, tuition fees, as well as cost of living, the students attending an international education fair are most likely to get on-the-spot admission option well as application fee waiver for complete applications. The students also get the chance to interact directly with the representatives of the top universities across the globe at these fairs.

Visa Application Information is provided:

Applying for student visa is the most important step after securing admission in the university of your preference. If you fail to move smoothly through the visa interview, you will not be able to start the preferred education program on time. The education advisors present at the international education fairs would offer you with guidance on how to clear the visa interview.

If you are from Delhi, attend an overseas education fair in Delhi to know how to apply in an international university to pursue higher studies and make best out of the job options available on completing a study program. Look for the best education fair venue and as student, make sure to research well, and then make a move. With the best options in your hand, you know you can make your way for the best university and earn your dream degree.



Tips for International Students Living on a Budget

School life is over and you are ready to move away from home to pursue higher studies. You for sure will consider many cities and if you happened to attend an international education fair in Mumbai you will be excited to study there due to umpteen opportunities available. Mumbai is the business capital of the country and opens a new world for students. However, life in the city is very different and when you stay as a student you need to manage in a budget. There is lots to do you will have limited resources.


Some tips to follow when you stay as an international student and must manage in a budget are:

Budgeting for the First Time

Mostly students who step out of home for the first time have very basic knowledge on how to handle money. It is usually seen that you will remember to cater to the big expenses but what is often ignored are the small expenditures which are done daily. These tend to add up to a big amount, and they are something which are essential. Thus, you should record all your daily expenses as this will assist in tracking the expenses.

Know your Priority

Mumbai is a city where there is a lot to do and these all can be tempting and controlling expenses can be an issue. You should first list down all the things you want to do in the order in which you want to do them. Here, you will find that some of the things have automatically been ignored. Your experience in college will not be affected if you have not visited all restaurants and clubs in the city.

Deals and Discounts

There are many places where you can student discounts. Also there are many websites which run deals and discounts for various activities in the city. For your daily needs also, you can avail of good deals offered by supermarkets and hypermarkets. Keeping an eye for deals will not only help you save money but you will also be able to do much more in the limited resources that you have.

Part Time Work

There are many job opportunities available for students these days where they can work after college hours and earn some pocket money. These jobs not only supplement your income but also give a lot of experience. Learning from these jobs and the extra income is a great idea. With more money, you can indulge in activities which are difficult otherwise, and your monthly allowance can be used for essential items. When looking for part time jobs, you should not have realistic expectations as you will not earn mega bucks as a fresher and when you have not completed your education.

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When studying abroad and as a fresher, you will definitely have problems managing money. It is important to be wise and spend carefully after planning. Spending on unnecessary things and having no money left for essential items will be difficult. You would have got some basic knowledge if you attended an international education. You should always talk to people you know in the city as they will be able to guide you in a better way. You can know the cheap markets or know about the must do things in the city. This will help you get a better knowledge of the city and also ensure that you can manage things in a better way when it comes to money matters.

Safety Tips for International Students

Studying abroad is undoubtedly very exciting. It takes some research and time to decide which country you want to go and what are the options available. When attending an education fair, you will find that a common question asked, especially by concerned parents, is how safe will their child be in a different country. Apart from the fun you definitely need to keep in mind the dangers that you can come across when you study in a different country.

Before you leave for another country it is always advisable that you do your research and know as much as possible about it. You should have all travel information and also general information about the country, its people, culture etc. You can take help from people you might know there or take help from information available on the internet. With all the research, you will be well equipped to know how to work in the new place. There are some very simple rules that you need to take care of:

Trust your Instincts and Stay Alert

It will always help you to be alert and be aware of what all is going around you. When you are in a new place and you are unsure of something or if you feel there is something suspicious or unsafe just move out as soon as you can. If you are unhappy about something, trust your instincts and move to a place where you feel comfortable.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Do not flash around your valuables like your phone or wallet full of money among people you do not know. This will catch the attention of people around you and you can get into troubles.

Low Profile

As you are a foreigner studying in a new country, keep a low profile. Be confident of what you do but do not many people know you do not belong to the place and are unaware of many things. Try and dress up like people around you and avoid doing something which will attract attention and might get into trouble.

Know your surroundings

You should not only get information about the country you are visiting but also try and know as much as you can about the city you are going to stay in. You should get in touch with old students or with friends in the city who will help you know everything about the city. Some things that you would want to know are the unsafe areas of the city or the public transportation system etc.

Drink Safely

Socializing with friends is usually about having a few drinks. When you are new in a city always drink carefully and with people you know and can trust. You should always be in a position to differentiate between right and wrong and be with people who will not put you into trouble.

Keep in Touch

With the facilities of mobile phones and internet, it is advisable if you let someone know of what you are doing and where you are going. You always do not have to tell someone back home of your whereabouts, it can be your room mate also. The idea is someone should know where you are going so that they can trace you if needed.

If you attended an education fair in Hyderabad, you would have come to know of many things about the city you plan on moving to. When you decide to study in a new city keeping in mind few safety tips would always help.