Common Mistakes Students Make in their Application Essays

Going abroad is a long-cherished dream and you have worked hard for this, as a result your grades are excellent and you have done exceedingly well in the Graduate Record Examinations(GRE) and IELTS. The next step is to apply to a reputed university for higher education. This is a crucial step in a prospective student’s life. The college application is make or break for many students regardless of how much you have scored in the GRE or college examinations. It is advised to seek the counsel of Hyderabad who has done this once or an organisation that specialises in this.

Here are some mistakes that people make in their college applications—

Not Being Clear When Opting for a College

A dire mistake which applicants make is not being absolutely clear in their minds when choosing a university. Think long and hard before taking a decision. Do some research about different universities as well. Often when asked why they have opted for a particular educational institution they answer it is because of the teacher-student ration. This is a big no. The moment this is seen in a college application the applicant has hurt his or her chances.

Not Proofreading

A lot of people are rejected as they do not proofread. Mistakes are bound to creep in as they are under a lot of strain. The way to eliminate these mistakes is to give the application a thorough read. A mistake in an application is often perceived to be a glaring error by those in charge. Take the help of a guidance counsellor for this task. It is not just grammatical mistakes we are talking about but the way an application has been written.

Not Seizing the Opportunity to Throw Light on Extra Curricular Activities

There is a space in the application to state your extracurricular activities. Although this is a limited space use this opportunity to talk about as many extracurricular activities as you can. These hold a lot of weight. The more extracurricular activities the better. There is an additional information section to include something that they cannot.

A lot of applicants do a shoddy job here they figure there is not a lot of space to make known all their activities. The trick here is to use fewer words but get the point across.

Handing in Low Test Scores Even When the University Does Not Require Them

Some universities want you to send scores of examinations such as GRE or SAT or IELTS not your college grades. If you have done very well in these tests then you stand a very good chance of progressing. If you have not done well in college then make sure you do well in the GRE or the IELTS. Always know the requirements before applying.

Your college application can be your ticket to a stint in a world famous university and then a stupendous career. Leave no stone unturned to ensure it is perfect.

A lot of people miss out on going abroad to study because of mistakes in their college applications. Read this article what are the mistakes often made.


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