How an Education Fair will be a Boon for Students

Education fairs are typically organized by renowned education consultancies with the aim to help students collect information about getting admitted admissions into the well-known educational institutions and programs in India and around the world. Those interested to chase their dream of pursuing higher studies abroad can be immensely benefited by attending a global education fair.

Student meeting at Study abroad Education Fair
Study Abroad Education Fair

Witness an international education fair to be a part of the discussions, benefit from demos and get counseling from university representatives all under a single roof. The exhibitors can help with the unique programs and facilities provided by the celebrated foreign universities and the particular offers these institutions are providing to the participants in the fair.

How Will You Benefit by Visiting an Overseas Education Fair?

Get the Opportunity to Make a Comparative Analysis:

On visiting an overseas fair, you get the opportunity to interact with the delegates of different foreign universities. They highlight you on different topics including exam patterns, education system, tuition fee, admission procedure, and scholarship opportunities, thereby, allowing you to make a comparative assessment of the offerings by various educational institutions around the globe.

Assistance in Preparing your Admission Application:

Preparing an admission application, particularly for an overseas university, is not as simple as it seems. Your resume, statement of purpose as well as letters of recommendation should be prepared suitably to improve your chances of admission in the institution of your preference. At an overseas education fair, the counselors as well as career advisors provide assistance on how to create a flawless application to have a magnificent first impression.

Get to Know About the Application Timelines:

When it comes applying for admission in an international university, only preparing an inspiring application would not help you win the race. In fact, if you fail to submit your application on time, then your entire efforts will be wasted. By visiting an overseas education fair, you will come to know about the timeline of the application process and can act consequently.

Availability of Multiple Offers:

In addition to providing detailed information on eligibility criteria, admission procedure, scholarship options, tuition fees, as well as cost of living, the students attending an international education fair are most likely to get on-the-spot admission option well as application fee waiver for complete applications. The students also get the chance to interact directly with the representatives of the top universities across the globe at these fairs.

Visa Application Information is provided:

Applying for student visa is the most important step after securing admission in the university of your preference. If you fail to move smoothly through the visa interview, you will not be able to start the preferred education program on time. The education advisors present at the international education fairs would offer you with guidance on how to clear the visa interview.

If you are from Delhi, attend an overseas education fair in Delhi to know how to apply in an international university to pursue higher studies and make best out of the job options available on completing a study program. Look for the best education fair venue and as student, make sure to research well, and then make a move. With the best options in your hand, you know you can make your way for the best university and earn your dream degree.



Tips for International Students Living on a Budget

School life is over and you are ready to move away from home to pursue higher studies. You for sure will consider many cities and if you happened to attend an international education fair in Mumbai you will be excited to study there due to umpteen opportunities available. Mumbai is the business capital of the country and opens a new world for students. However, life in the city is very different and when you stay as a student you need to manage in a budget. There is lots to do you will have limited resources.


Some tips to follow when you stay as an international student and must manage in a budget are:

Budgeting for the First Time

Mostly students who step out of home for the first time have very basic knowledge on how to handle money. It is usually seen that you will remember to cater to the big expenses but what is often ignored are the small expenditures which are done daily. These tend to add up to a big amount, and they are something which are essential. Thus, you should record all your daily expenses as this will assist in tracking the expenses.

Know your Priority

Mumbai is a city where there is a lot to do and these all can be tempting and controlling expenses can be an issue. You should first list down all the things you want to do in the order in which you want to do them. Here, you will find that some of the things have automatically been ignored. Your experience in college will not be affected if you have not visited all restaurants and clubs in the city.

Deals and Discounts

There are many places where you can student discounts. Also there are many websites which run deals and discounts for various activities in the city. For your daily needs also, you can avail of good deals offered by supermarkets and hypermarkets. Keeping an eye for deals will not only help you save money but you will also be able to do much more in the limited resources that you have.

Part Time Work

There are many job opportunities available for students these days where they can work after college hours and earn some pocket money. These jobs not only supplement your income but also give a lot of experience. Learning from these jobs and the extra income is a great idea. With more money, you can indulge in activities which are difficult otherwise, and your monthly allowance can be used for essential items. When looking for part time jobs, you should not have realistic expectations as you will not earn mega bucks as a fresher and when you have not completed your education.

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When studying abroad and as a fresher, you will definitely have problems managing money. It is important to be wise and spend carefully after planning. Spending on unnecessary things and having no money left for essential items will be difficult. You would have got some basic knowledge if you attended an international education. You should always talk to people you know in the city as they will be able to guide you in a better way. You can know the cheap markets or know about the must do things in the city. This will help you get a better knowledge of the city and also ensure that you can manage things in a better way when it comes to money matters.

Things to Leave Out From You Bags While Packing to Study Abroad


Completing all the hassles of getting admission in a college abroad feels like an achievement. Global education fairs help a lot in the whole process of proper guidance. After all the processes and documentations are complete, the only thing left is the packing. The list of items to be packed keeps increasing with the worry of whether the items will be easily and cheaply available in the foreign land or not. In such a scenario, students tend to waste a lot of space in their bags by putting unnecessary items. This space can be spared for those items that you would like to take with you as memories of your land. Thus, below is the list of items that can be avoided in the packing list.

Bedsheets or Linens

This is a major one with regards to sparing space in your bags. While it may enticing to bring your comfortable sheets and cover from home, they take up a decent space, notwithstanding when collapsed. As a rule, your abroad college or program will give all of you the bedding you’ll require (do get a confirmation on the same from the college). In the event that they don’t, discovering apartment bedding bargains and cheap linens at a nearby store shouldn’t be hard. In case you’re not provided lavatory materials, towels, or fabrics, pack only one towel (so you can shower when you get to your abroad lodging), and after that purchase whatever you need


While bed sheets and restroom towels can conceivably take up a ton of space in your bag, things like soap, shampoo, cleanser, and conditioner may add more weight. It is advisable to pack a travel size container of conditioner, shampoo, etc. Once the supply gets over, you can discover something practically identical abroad that is most likely less expensive at any rate

Holders or Hangers

Despite the fact that they do not include an excessive amount of weight, they’re weirdly shaped and do not fit in compact packing. Also if inadequately packed, they can do some genuine harm as far as tearing, pulling or catching your dress. Hangers are available in each and every country, hence, it will be easier to find them.


Mostly girls tend to pack huge number of shoes. Not just do they pack an excessive number of sets, they pack the wrong types. In Europe, the streets and walkways are made of cobblestone, and underdeveloped nations they’re regularly splitting concrete or plain old soil – in neither one of the situations are high heels exceptionally functional. A balanced mixture of everyday shoes, wedges and flats can work wonders.

Hair Dryer, hair curler

A general observation is that, these equipment are more costly in Asia (and most likely fairly more costly in Europe) than they are in the U.S. Electric razor work fine when used after charging. It is better to put it in the bag it if doesn’t take up an excess of room. When utilizing a power converter, they don’t work as they do in India. The power plugs are a bit different. Your choices, then, are to figure out how to style your hair without a dryer, or purchase a hairdryer in your abroad area since it’s fundamentally ensured to be perfect with the neighborhood power voltage.

Thus, by avoiding packing the above mentioned material, it will be easier to make space in your bags. After all the queries are cleared through global education fair, the packing list can be checked through this blog. Hope you enjoy packing.

After sorting all the points, packing for abroad studies can be a tedious task. Here are certain tips to help you remove the unnecessary items from the bag to make it more spacious.

5 Questions to Ask a Visiting University At a Study Abroad Education Fair

Study Overseas Global- World Education Fair
Study Overseas Global- World Education Fair

The best way to know more about studying abroad is to collect information and getting your queries answered in an education fair such as the World Education fair, the largest education fair held in almost every metro city in India. They are knowledgeable, professional people representing different universities and all set to answer your queries. Although various questions might bombard your mind but out of these five most vital and commonly asked questions are from the following topics:


Details of the Academic Program and Admission Procedures

Any questions regarding courses offered. For example, what are the Degrees that are offered? The Majors and Minors as well as the Electives those are available. What are the special programs offered? What are the accreditations associated with the college you want to know about. Another essential part to get admitted to the college of your dream is the admission requirements or criteria. Any other requirements you would have to meet for specific programs as auditions, tests, interviews etc. Knowing the admission deadline is as much important as the application fees. What is the minimum score that can get you admitted? These are confusions sorted out in fairs like the World Education Fair.

Costs and Financial Aid

Costs involved in a course are an important question to ask. The tution fees and the money you would need for you to survive. Whether there is any program that offers financial aid to you as a student. How viable are part-time jobs in and around the campus.


Know about the different housing options available on campus or off campus. How can one apply for a residence and if it is guaranteed. Ask if you get to choose your room and roommate. Get from them the meal plans that are available if any in a room or a residence. How many fresher live inside the campus? These are some of the questions you may ask regarding accommodation.

Campus Environment

Campus life is an essential part of college. You get to spend the maximum amount of time outside your classroom. Know about the facilities that you get-libraries, shops, banks, recreational area, language centers, and other facilities. Know about things that tell you about campus security. What measures are taken by the university to ensure the safety in campus. How safe is it at night for a student to walk all alone. Campus life also includes professors and seniors, how approachable they are. How cooperative the other staffs are. How is the community around the campus? And what is the easiest transport mode available to reach the campus. Helpful people in fairs like World Education fair guide listen to your queries attentively before solving them.

Services Available to the Student

Last but not the least the services that are offered to the students. What are the job opportunities, career services that students get from the particular university? What are the medical facilities available and is it a 24 hours service? What kind of special support does the campus provide for a new student? For students who are seeking to tutor what are the resources through which they can get the support?

World Education fairs bring different universities from all over the world under one roof, ready to assist you to study abroad.


The blog answers five top questions that you can ask any university at a study abroad education fair.

Why Studying in Australia may be the Right Move for you?

Study in australia
Image: Gettyimages

Australia ranks third among the countries attracting the highest number of international students per year. It is also the seat of 7 universities of the world. So, the quality of education in this country is bound to be very high. Apart from the high quality of education, that are various other reasons that are good enough to inspire you to choose Australia as your study destination. Read on to know some of the major reasons in detail. Visiting an Australia education fair would also let you know why studying in Australia may be the right move for you.

Here are some of the primary reasons that prompt international students to select Australia as their study destination:

Friendly Environment for Students:

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant nation with friendly people. English is the language of instruction in this country. It has a safe and friendly society where students get ample opportunities to learn and move about freely.

Affordable Education:

Studying in Australia is less expensive, especially when compared to studying in the United States and the United Kingdom. While the standard of living is quite high in this country, education in Australia offers a good value for money. Moreover, the scholarship opportunities are more in Australia than in any other country.

Excellent Education System:

The Australia’s approach to professional and technical education is considered to be one of the best in the world. The education system of the country has a good reputation for excellence in various domains of education. The universities in Australia ensure that the students not only acquire knowledge but also acquire the ability to apply the knowledge in the workplace in future years. Practical and career-oriented training is offered so that the students become confident that they possess the skills demanded in the industry.

Australia encourages new technologies more than most other nations. The teaching, research and training facilities available in this country are globally acclaimed. The educational institutions here are equipped with state-of-the-art classroom and laboratories and rich libraries.

Excellent Employment Opportunities:

While the United Kingdom offers good job opportunities for doctors and the United States attract the IT professionals, Australia offers employment in multiple other disciplines. Whether it is in Agricultural sector or in Aeronautics field, in Accounts or finance departments, Australia provides work permits to international students like no other country.

The aforementioned reasons are good enough to allure you to go to Australia to pursue higher education. However, visit an Australia education fair, talk to the consultants, seek their advice about which university to choose.

The consultants present at the Australia education fair are usually very knowledgeable and they are the best to guide you regarding which university to choose. They will let you know about the eligibility criteria, admission procedures, scholarship opportunities in various Australian educational institutions. Apart from seeking their guidance, you can also check the internet to know about the top Australian universities and the admission procedures they follow.

Summary: Planning to go abroad for studies? You can choose Australia as your study destination. Read this blog to know why Australia may be the right education destination for you.

Finding the Right Post Graduate Program Abroad

A considerable part of the young generation students chooses to pursue post graduate programs as they believe that the qualification would add more value to their CV and help them climb up the ladder of success easily. Pursuing a post graduate program abroad will, no doubt, turn you into a valued asset to your recruiters. Moreover, it will help you earn more number of interview calls.


Now, let us highlight on how to find the right post graduate course abroad. Here are a few tips to follow:

Decide According to Your Career Goals:

Set your career goals and find out which particular post graduate course would help you reach your mission. In order to do this, do a thorough research of the courses and relate it to your specific needs. Seeking suggestions from friends and members of the family who have already pursued the course would also be helpful in this regard. Approaching the education consultants in a global education fair would also help you acquire the right guidance.

career-counselling-online-india Top Benefits of Approaching a Career Counselling Service

Know How Would You Benefit from the Course:

It is important to go through the prospectus thoroughly before selecting a particular course. It would provide you with a detailed knowledge of what the course consists of and how you are going to benefit from it.

There are various programs that have certain subjects as compulsory and some as optional. Make a comparative study of the different curricula and have an idea about what they cover. Finally, determine which educational program would best suit your specific requirements and help you attain your career goal.

Check If the Course Would Qualify You as a Professional:

Dreaming of a career where a professional qualification would be a necessity? Is this the reason why you want to pursue a post-graduation degree? If “yes”, find out if the course you have chosen finally after a lot of research is recognized for helping students become a professional. If the course you have selected is not recognized by any professional body, rule out your choice.

Department Rating:

Don’t forget to check out how students have rated the department you have chosen. Compare the rating with the ratings of the same department in other universities. It is completely based on the quality of teaching that a department is rated.

The Number of Students:

Before selecting a course, check out the number of students that have opted for the same program. If there are too many students, know that there would be lesser opportunities of direct communication with the professors. Looking from this point of view, choosing a course that have been opted by many students would not be the right option.

About Funding Your Studies:

Funding a post-graduation program is not an easy matter. Not everyone has the affordability to fund it. However, there are ways opting which you will not feel the pressure of funding your studies in a foreign destination.


How to make Study Abroad affordable.

You can opt for university scholarships or can approach educational charities or trusts that can help you fund your education.  If the said options do not click for you, you can choose to apply for a professional development loan.  Connecting with the seniors would not be a bad idea as you would be able to know how they managed the funding. Before going abroad for education, you can visit an education fair in Delhi and seek assistance from the consultants regarding funding your studies.

Summary: This blog guides you about how to choose the right post graduate program abroad. The tips offered here may help you choose the right course suiting your career goals.

5 People to Speak With at a Study Abroad Fair

Don’t let your innate call for studying abroad go unheard because you never know when this single decision may change your life for good. The journey will be adventurous with rich learning experiences and exposure. If you are ready to take the plunge, then go to any reputed education fair in Pune where you will be able to get in touch with the reliable sources of information. Who are these information points? Here are some suggestions.

Aspiring students interacting with representative - MyEducationFair
Aspiring Students Interacting with Representative – MyEducationFair

People You Can Benefit from at a Study Abroad Fair

An Unbiased Education Counselor

An education counselor, who works independently or with a consulting firm, helps students and their parents with educational planning. Hence, approach him for guidance at the foreign education exhibition. His updated knowledge of education rules, regulations, policies, suitable destinations, institutions, and courses can help you reach your goal with ease. However, when you speak to him, keep an eye on his suggestions. If he seems to have vested interest in any particular institution against your choice of field, then you can always move on to someone else for assistance.

Delegate from the Universities of your Choice

Another good fountain of information to be found at these types of fairs is a university delegate or representative. With their help, you can obtain all the critical details about specific programs. They can answer your queries regarding admission, scholarships and application fee waiver. In addition, you can also ask them about loans, visa and other such vital matters.

Alumni from Universities of your Choice

The other source who can assist you with his or her honest information is a past participant or a program alumnus. You can ask the providers or event organizers to get you in touch with campus ambassadors or program alumni so that you can talk to them for advice and make note of their experiences.

Other Aspiring Students Applying with You

You can interact with other students who are also looking for study abroad opportunities. At the international education fair, you will come across different types of students including intelligent, overexcited and anxious types. Try to spot the intelligent ones who have all the right questions with them and are equipped with quality knowledge of foreign universities, admission methods, and courses. These students often come well prepared and participate in lengthy discussion with patience.

Industry Professionals/ Specialists

Apart from the ones discussed above, you can also seek opinions from industry specialists or professionals. These people can guide you on the choice of course and job opportunity. Since these people have already made a mark for themselves in the field of their specialization, you can draw immense motivation from them and be inspired to identify your strengths.

So, if you want to chase your dreams of studying in a foreign institution, take part in the education fair in Pune. Just make sure when you go there you are fully prepared with relevant questions. Avoid casual dressing or attitude that can rub the organizers, university representatives and other professionals the wrong way.


This blog talks about the various people you may meet at a typical education fair and how your dialogue with them can help you make up your mind about studying abroad.