How to Ace your IELTS Exam?

International students who don’t have English as their first language need to appear for the IELTS examination if they want to go abroad for higher education. If you have already appeared for this exam but did not get success, read this article to know how to ace in this test. Consulting an expert in an education fair in Bangalore can also help you in this matter.

IELTS Students

Go through the following tips to know how to ace your IELTS exam:

  • Practice Can Help Succeed:

 Practice is one of the best ways to acquire success in IELTS exam. Make reading a habit prior to the examination. From story books to magazine, read whatever you get to enhance your knowledge of English. While going through a content, try to determine the prime points and endeavor to recapitulate it.  The more you practice, the higher is your chance to perform well in the exam.

  • Learn from your Mistakes:

It is common to make mistakes which learning the basics of English language. But, continuous mistakes can cause problem. You should learn from your mistakes and ensure that you do not repeat them in future. But, the question is: how to identify your mistakes? You should find an instructor who would point out where you are going wrong. Prepare a checklist of the mistakes you commit. If you identify a lot of mistakes in a practice test, take the test again and correct the answers. Look at the correct answers thoroughly.

  • Identify Your Weak Points:

It is important to identify your weak points and work on them. Identification of weak points and rectifying them can help you overcome them with ease.

  • Learn but Don’t Memorize:

There are many students who believe that simply memorizing things can help them succeed in IELTS. They often find sample essays, speaking questions and memorize them. However, this would not work in reality. It is important to study and learn as this only can help you score high in the exam.

You should know that the examiners are not foolish that they would not understand that you are not using your own language. In fact, this would degrade you in the eyes of the examiners. Thus, it is important to learn the language. For this, reading journals, magazines and newspapers would do wonders.  Listening to CNN or BBC can also help you in this regard. It is important to spend at least some time on listening to BBC news regularly if you are not a native speaker.

  • Improve Your Speed:

Time often proves to be an enemy of the candidates who take IELTS exam. Many students taking this test complain that they did not get enough time to complete all the answers. There are many who say that they ran out of time in the reading exam. There is nothing to be worried if you fail to complete the test. Note that the exam is designed to gauze students over scores from 0 to 9. 0 shows that the exam was not attempted. Candidates who have excellent English can even score 9.

  • Try to Speak in English:

In order to improve your conversational skill, try to speak in English with parents at home and with friends outside. Constant speaking in English would not only improve your speaking skills but will also instill in you the confidence to speak in a foreign language with ease. If you are shy too speak in public, stand in front of the mirror and speak. This will help you overcome your shyness to a considerable extent.

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Summary: This article offers a few tips which you may help you score high in the IELTS exam.

Try to follow these tips to succeed in this exam.