5 People to Speak With at a Study Abroad Fair

Don’t let your innate call for studying abroad go unheard because you never know when this single decision may change your life for good. The journey will be adventurous with rich learning experiences and exposure. If you are ready to take the plunge, then go to any reputed education fair in Pune where you will be able to get in touch with the reliable sources of information. Who are these information points? Here are some suggestions.

Aspiring students interacting with representative - MyEducationFair
Aspiring Students Interacting with Representative – MyEducationFair

People You Can Benefit from at a Study Abroad Fair

An Unbiased Education Counselor

An education counselor, who works independently or with a consulting firm, helps students and their parents with educational planning. Hence, approach him for guidance at the foreign education exhibition. His updated knowledge of education rules, regulations, policies, suitable destinations, institutions, and courses can help you reach your goal with ease. However, when you speak to him, keep an eye on his suggestions. If he seems to have vested interest in any particular institution against your choice of field, then you can always move on to someone else for assistance.

Delegate from the Universities of your Choice

Another good fountain of information to be found at these types of fairs is a university delegate or representative. With their help, you can obtain all the critical details about specific programs. They can answer your queries regarding admission, scholarships and application fee waiver. In addition, you can also ask them about loans, visa and other such vital matters.

Alumni from Universities of your Choice

The other source who can assist you with his or her honest information is a past participant or a program alumnus. You can ask the providers or event organizers to get you in touch with campus ambassadors or program alumni so that you can talk to them for advice and make note of their experiences.

Other Aspiring Students Applying with You

You can interact with other students who are also looking for study abroad opportunities. At the international education fair, you will come across different types of students including intelligent, overexcited and anxious types. Try to spot the intelligent ones who have all the right questions with them and are equipped with quality knowledge of foreign universities, admission methods, and courses. These students often come well prepared and participate in lengthy discussion with patience.

Industry Professionals/ Specialists

Apart from the ones discussed above, you can also seek opinions from industry specialists or professionals. These people can guide you on the choice of course and job opportunity. Since these people have already made a mark for themselves in the field of their specialization, you can draw immense motivation from them and be inspired to identify your strengths.

So, if you want to chase your dreams of studying in a foreign institution, take part in the education fair in Pune. Just make sure when you go there you are fully prepared with relevant questions. Avoid casual dressing or attitude that can rub the organizers, university representatives and other professionals the wrong way.


This blog talks about the various people you may meet at a typical education fair and how your dialogue with them can help you make up your mind about studying abroad.