Great Internship Programs for International Students


Visited a study abroad education fair recently? Are you all geared up to take up an internship program abroad? Well, that’s a great idea! Going through an internship overseas is similar going to the gym: it’s a painful but exciting process that will make you better in the long term. Spending time in an untried culture away from your friends and family may be tough initially, but you get a lot of benefits from it.

If you’ve visited any study abroad education fair, then they may have perhaps provided you list of these overseas internship destinations:

University of Westminster in London, England with CEA

The University of Westminster offers the perfect internship for college students who are interested in a finance career London is Europe’s financial and banking hub, hence getting an internship here would provide an edge, particularly if you wish to work in the European market.

Internship in Latin America with the Intern Group

Nursing is believed to be one of the top growth markets for jobs in the next few years. The Latin America international internship program offered by The Intern Group gives you opportunities for health science, nursing, and physical therapy. It is a great choice for those interested in a medical science career.

Internship in Shanghai, China with Academic Programs International

An internship in China is a suitable option for those interested in pursuing a career based in Asia. It’s a universal economic superpower, and it also holds superb cultural implication. You can get an internship in accounting, business, and finance, management, STEM subjects, among the others.

IES Abroad Sydney Summer Internship in Australia

Sydney is one of Australia’s most progressive cities, with over 4.6 million residents. Noted for its exceptional fusion of culture and languages, you can find something familiar. If you have enrolled for the summer internship program then make sure to visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney’s beaches, and other distinguished sites. Fields with available internship opportunities include marketing, accounting, advertising, education, and business.

Internship in Madrid with the Intern Group

Pursuing an internship abroad in Madrid will help you obtain precious career experience and gain a greater appreciation of the world.   Through this program, The Intern Group has placed interns at prominent companies such as Grant Thornton and Mazars. Internships in finance, graphic design, accounting, and marketing are available.

Internship in Hong Kong with The Intern Group

The Hong Kong program offered by The Intern Group introduces you to internship opportunities in trustworthy companies such as TedX and Credit Swiss. Internship options in computer information systems, graphic design, and management information systems are up for grabs.

Dresden Internship Program in Germany Offered by Boston University

Genetic counseling is yet another job area, which is expected to boom. Becoming an overseas student at the impressive Technische Universität Dresden will certainly help you prepare yourself to be competitive in the field. The internship program allows you select from various fields including biology, biochemistry, and science.

Dublin Summer Internship Program in Ireland Offered by Boston University

If you prefer a European venue for business internships, then Dublin seems to be the perfect choice. You can take up internship programs in marketing, business management, and finance, all of which are anticipated to have significant growth in the labor market within 10 years.

IES Abroad Santiago Summer Internship in Chile

Summer internships provide a variety of subjects, including finance, accounting, education, business, and marketing.

Atlantis Project Hospital Internships in Spain or Portugal

The Atlantis Project provides students an opportunity to participate in an inspiring medical intern program abroad. If you’re decided on a career in health service, you will surely benefit from this program. Atlantis Fellows get the opportunity to dive deep into nursing, medicine, and other health-oriented studies.

No matter where you go, choosing the right internship abroad will give you a priceless head start. For further information, you can check the upcoming university visits to your local place.

Summary: The article focuses on the top international destinations where you can take up internship programs.


Common Phrases to Know When Traveling Anywhere


You’ve recently attended an World education fair and impressed by the list of international colleges they have at their end. It’s great that you’ve made up your mind for an international degree, but then the thought of visiting a foreign nation may seem scary to some of us. However, make sure, this doesn’t hold you back! No matter how scary it may seem, you can still have a remarkable experience abroad without knowing much of the local language of the destination you plan on moving to. Here are some essential phrases to learn how to say before you go aboard for your higher studies.

 “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”

While it may seem extremely simple and almost inconsequential, a greeting may set the tone for the interactions you’ll have with locals. After all, what better way is there to greet a local than saying “hello” in their local language? Greeting a local in their native tongue shows a sincerity and admiration for their culture, and gives you a boost of poise to start practicing your language skills.

Once you master these two phrases, you may learn other ways to greet people! Try learning informal ways to greet the local friends.

“Thank you.” “Please.” “No, thanks.” “You’re welcome”. “Excuse.” “I’m sorry.”

It’s all about manners! They’re worldwide and will take you further than you think. Make sure to include these phrases on your list.

Numbers: 1-10

There will infinite, several opportunities to use your spanking knowledge of saying the numbers 1-10 in a new language. You’ll use this new skill when purchasing groceries from a store, giving an address to a cab driver, and even bartering with street vendors.

Now, a common question that may pop-up in your mind is- What about numbers above 10? If learning numbers beyond 10 seems to be taxing, get imaginative separate larger numbers into single digits! For instance, if you need to say “55”, saying 5-5 will also solve the problem.

“Where is _____?”, “Right”, “Left”, and “Straight”.

When visiting or living in a foreign nation, it’s useful to know vocabulary, which can help you navigate untried areas. Learning the basics to give or get directions will help you make your way to a train stop, nearest bathroom, or the locale that you’re residing in.

“I would like _____.”

This phrase is particularly useful in a restaurant setting. Once you get used to this phrase you’ll find no trouble in communicating with a server in any foreign nation! Besides, this phrase will also come in handy in scenarios where you’re purchasing something, which is physically beyond your reach.

“Do you speak English?”

If you meet somebody in a foreign nation and you’re uncertain if they speak English, this phrase is superb to have on hand to make communicating a bit simpler. A simple short cut may just be to learn how to say the word ‘English’ in their local tongue — you’ll be amazed by how many individuals will say yes, no matter where you are in the world.

“My name is _____. I am from_____.”/ “What is your name? Where are you from?”

Make sure you how to introduce yourself and say from what country you’re from. It is an impeccable way to meet new people and build relationships with either locals or other participants in your program!

The point is to make communicating abroad as easy as possible for you and to help you show admiration for the culture, which will certainly put a smile on the faces of many locals.  And if you haven’t visited an overseas education fair yet, make sure to do one soon and decide the college of your choice.

Summary: The article points out a list of basic phrases that you should learn before you visit a foreign country.

Don’t Miss Golden Opportunity To Visit Overseas Education Fair

We live in a competitive world where there are numerous overseas consultants are available through online mode. Selection of the right consultant is certainly a daunting task for many students until they find a popular overseas education consultant in their local city.  Leaders in this unique consulting industry generally have rich experience for many years serving the student community by fulfilling the dreams of innumerable students who are passionate to pursue their higher education in the foreign universities. These firms are unique and stand above the rest in conducting Study abroad education fair in all major cities at regular intervals. This activity is primarily done to reach the students in their own localities and to create more awareness about the commitment shown by these consulting firms in fulfilling the dreams of the concerned students.

Study Overseas Global Education Fair USA Delegates
Study Abroad Fair- RMIT University Australia Delegates

With the course of time the numbers of Indian students in foreign universities have phenomenally increased. Thanks to the globalization which allows Indian students to seek admissions in some of the prestigious universities located in UK,USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and many more countries. Such things never happen overnight as there are several processes involved in sending students to various foreign universities. Some of the pioneer global education consulting firms have their own market share in this unique consulting industry. Over the years the firm has organized events such as

Study abroad education fair in many cities in order to attract more students who have their own dreams to study abroad in reputed universities.

Today’s Indian job market is flooded with many MNC s and IT giants and these firms always look for young students from globally reputed institutions to work with them. Hence a degree from abroad enhances the chances of getting right employment in these global companies. Knowing these intricacies, many reputed consultants have already established their footings well in India.  These firms have gained a good reputation in the last two decades in sending innumerable number of students to various countries across the globe. By conducting innovative Study abroad education fair, these firms could able to attract more students and fulfilled their aspirations by sending them to their preferred destinations.

Well known consulting firms have established a wide contact with many reputed universities that are located in all parts of the world. This is possible because some of these the firms are certified by the American International Recruitment Council and also being representative members in the Association of Australian Education. With these kind of influence these firms can able to mobilize few representatives from various foreign universities to offer professional counseling during the Study abroad education fair, which is being held every year in many cities and towns across India. This is considered to be one of the USPs of this great consultancy firm and with this salient feature it stands far away from the immediate competitors. Meeting such personalities always boost the confidence levels of the students as well make them to understand the realities which is very essential for both students as well as the parents.

Being in the forefront in the area of overseas education consulting business some of these consulting have a very clear vision to endeavor best service to the students who have a dream to study abroad. As a first step, the firm organizes Study abroad education fair in all major cities for the convenience of the aspiring students and also to inspire other students who are not aware of the options in front of them. Since the services are extended in the door steps, students need to avail this great opportunity by visiting the fair in order to   make their dreams into reality. Those who miss this opportunity due to valid reasons can still connect these reputed overseas education consultants through their websites to get an assured professional help from the experts.

Summary:  Good overseas education fair is arriving in your city soon. Utilize this great opportunity if you are planning to study abroad. It is a great way to learn about universities and college programs, overseas scholarships offered in many foreign countries.

5 Questions to Ask a Visiting University At a Study Abroad Education Fair

Study Overseas Global- World Education Fair
Study Overseas Global- World Education Fair

The best way to know more about studying abroad is to collect information and getting your queries answered in an education fair such as the World Education fair, the largest education fair held in almost every metro city in India. They are knowledgeable, professional people representing different universities and all set to answer your queries. Although various questions might bombard your mind but out of these five most vital and commonly asked questions are from the following topics:


Details of the Academic Program and Admission Procedures

Any questions regarding courses offered. For example, what are the Degrees that are offered? The Majors and Minors as well as the Electives those are available. What are the special programs offered? What are the accreditations associated with the college you want to know about. Another essential part to get admitted to the college of your dream is the admission requirements or criteria. Any other requirements you would have to meet for specific programs as auditions, tests, interviews etc. Knowing the admission deadline is as much important as the application fees. What is the minimum score that can get you admitted? These are confusions sorted out in fairs like the World Education Fair.

Costs and Financial Aid

Costs involved in a course are an important question to ask. The tution fees and the money you would need for you to survive. Whether there is any program that offers financial aid to you as a student. How viable are part-time jobs in and around the campus.


Know about the different housing options available on campus or off campus. How can one apply for a residence and if it is guaranteed. Ask if you get to choose your room and roommate. Get from them the meal plans that are available if any in a room or a residence. How many fresher live inside the campus? These are some of the questions you may ask regarding accommodation.

Campus Environment

Campus life is an essential part of college. You get to spend the maximum amount of time outside your classroom. Know about the facilities that you get-libraries, shops, banks, recreational area, language centers, and other facilities. Know about things that tell you about campus security. What measures are taken by the university to ensure the safety in campus. How safe is it at night for a student to walk all alone. Campus life also includes professors and seniors, how approachable they are. How cooperative the other staffs are. How is the community around the campus? And what is the easiest transport mode available to reach the campus. Helpful people in fairs like World Education fair guide listen to your queries attentively before solving them.

Services Available to the Student

Last but not the least the services that are offered to the students. What are the job opportunities, career services that students get from the particular university? What are the medical facilities available and is it a 24 hours service? What kind of special support does the campus provide for a new student? For students who are seeking to tutor what are the resources through which they can get the support?

World Education fairs bring different universities from all over the world under one roof, ready to assist you to study abroad.


The blog answers five top questions that you can ask any university at a study abroad education fair.

Benefits of Attending a Study Abroad Education Fair

Study Overseas Global -University Representatives meeting students

Not sure if you should attend the education fair in Hyderabad? Visiting an education fair can be massively useful especially when you want to apply for a study abroad course. The fair serves as a platform to enable potential PhD and master’s degree students and representatives from different universities and graduate schools across the world to interact with each other. In fact, these types of fairs are more powerful than online sources in giving information as you get first-hand knowledge of everything. If you still feel unsure how things work out there, then continue reading below. You will be able to know the benefits of visiting an overseas education fair.

Why Attend a Study Abroad Education Fair?

Direct interaction with representatives and old students

One of the main advantages of attending education fairs is that you get a chance to meet official representatives and old students of various universities at one place. You can speak to them and get immediate responses around any query you have related to course, funding, application procedure and more. No doubt online research is helpful, but the kind of details you obtain here can significantly contribute to your decision-making.

Understanding of what universities look for in their prospective students

Another key benefit of visiting education fair is that you get a broad idea of the kind of qualities universities search for in their potential students. Admission officers can help you understand on what basis admission to a particular university is given. If you happen to meet study abroad students and ask them their opinion about education fair, they are most likely to mention this point above all. In fact, when you go there, you will also realize the same. Generally, university representatives attach huge importance to qualities like focus, determination and passion. Besides, some universities also give preference to students with work experience. However, just remember one thing every program has its own requirement; hence you can expect to see some flexibility in the criteria.

Meeting with expert speakers

In addition to university representatives and alumni, you can also meet many expert speakers there. They can be seen participating in seminars and presentations to discuss their views on a particular topic. For instance, if you are confused whether you should go for a master’s degree or do PhD directly, you can listen to their suggestions and get a clear picture of a better choice. At the same time, they can also guide you on application procedure and what it means to be doing a study abroad course in a foreign destination.

Opportunities for funding and scholarships

The main concern of many students hovers around funding of their chosen courses. If you attend education fair, this area can be addressed well. Some events offer exclusive study overseas scholarships opportunities to fair attendees. Besides, some fairs give free copy of scholarship guide to a certain number of first arrivers. The copy contains information on study destinations and programs, funding and career advice, details on graduate departments of various universities and more.

From this, it is obvious that education fairs are hosted for the benefit of students who want to do their higher studies in a foreign destination and pursue a successful career later. So, before it gets too late, do make sure to attend education fair in Hyderabad. It will help you only in decision-making. Just take care of one thing when you go there you have your groundwork ready, right from having a few courses selected that you would like to study to listing queries around the destinations, programs and admission procedure, etc. This will give you confidence in interacting with officials and show you the right direction.



Still think that attending a study abroad education fair will be a waste of time? Read this article for insights on why you should go to one!

Top Benefits of Studying in the US

Students from all over the world get enrolled in Universities of US. Various fairs like World Education Fair, International Education Fair in Mumbai, and Global Education Fair across the globe help the students getting a fair idea about colleges and universities in countries like US, the educational opportunities available and the best part of the university systems and their area of expertise, which attracts everyone. Let us have a glimpse of how international education fairs in Mumbai help students in deciding to take up admission in universities abroad by covering wide range of necessities.

Study Overseas Global Education fair US
Study Overseas Global Education fair US

Reputation of Institutions:

It is a known fact that most of the top universities of the world are mainly located in USA few to be named out are Harvard University, University of Chicago, MIT, and Stanford University, etc. These are some of the top most universities, but beyond these there are more than hundreds of universities in the country which are equally reputed. Whichever university you study in, you get various options to upgrade your studies and to graduate as an excellent candidate employment.

Variety of Programs:

US has over 5000 reputed institutions that offer you variety of programs and combinations. If you are so experimenting, then it is the right place to go and experience different subjects, languages and classes. No other place in the world can give you so many new and innovative options and opportunities to get guided by scholars in your education.  Furthermore, with so many universities, you also get to choose a school that fits your budget.

Lifestyle as a US Student & Having Diversified Friends:

Being a student of any university in US, you get to learn beyond the campus life and get to know different cultures from around the world. With a chance of interactions with different kind of people, you can come out of your comfort zone, enjoying a truly international way of life. Staying anywhere in your city whether it is on the campus or off campus, you are bound to have an enriching experience.

Student life in the US is much more interesting because of a vibrant campus to stay on, a chance to explore a different way of life, an opportunity to make diversified friends from around the world, connecting with people for life long and getting to interact with other students with your interest is an added advantage.

Add an International Experience in CV and Improvement of Foreign Language Skills:

Studying in US allows you to look at options of starting a professional life in the west. Most of the students in the United States, earn while they learn. They get to prepare themselves by working part time during their education through the OPTP (Optional Practical Training Program) in their area of expertise and add to their international experience. . Depending on how reputed the US university you enroll with organizations from within the country will be ready to welcome students with the degrees from those US colleges.

Also staying in a country where English is up to the mark and daily necessity will surely improve the language skills of the students to the max as it is their Primary Language and is used for every task done.


Read this article for an interesting take on why studying in the US may benefit you in the long run.


Why Should You Choose New Zealand As Your Study Destination?

Maori Culture- The Formal Hongi Greeting Touching Foreheads and Noses
New Zealand Maori Culture– The Formal Hongi Greeting Touching Foreheads and Noses

New Zealand as a study destination is no more far behind than the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Now, a sizeable number of students from all parts of the world, especially from India, choose to pursue higher education in New Zealand. If you want to know why, you need to browse through this blog. You may also approach the consultants at an education fair to know the reason behind the popularity of New Zealand as a study destination.

Here are some of the prime reasons why you should study in New Zealand:

Safe as Well As Modern:

This country has ranked first among the safest locations of the world. International students coming to New Zealand can roam about safely as crime rate is considerably low. Moreover, the lifestyle and living conditions of this country is also of high quality. The residents of this country are friendly in nature and they always welcome new cultures with a smiling face.

British-Based Based Education System:

The study programs offered in the colleges and universities of New Zealand are based on the education system followed in Britain. The degrees offered by the New Zealand institutes are recognized all over the world. The educational institutions of this country encourage research and internships that enable students to acquire practical skills required to shine in their professional life in the years to come.

Reasonable Tuition Fees:

Education in New Zealand is affordable when compared to that in other countries of the world. The low tuition fee and low cost of living prompt many students to come to New Zealand to pursue higher studies.

Availability of Financial Aid:

Various scholarships are available for students willing to pursue higher education in New Zealand. These scholarships are offered as financial aid so that the international students can easily afford their studies in this country. These scholarships are usually offered by the government, private organizations and educational institutions.

The international students are also given the option to work for maximum 20 hours a week while pursuing a course in New Zealand. They can work full time during the vacation. Find out the exact status of your student visa before deciding to work while studying in New Zealand. There are certain visas that do not permit the international students to work.

International Recognition of Courses:

Big brand employers around the world recognize degrees offered by the New Zealand colleges and universities. Thus, on completion of your course, you are mostly likely to be absorbed by a top-notch employer, though it would depend to a great extent on your scores.

Supportive Immigration Rules:

The fantastic immigration rules of New Zealand are one of the chief reasons that urge international students to come to his country to pursue higher education. After graduation, the international students will get a 6-month permit. Under the general skills category, they will acquire additional points from their residence application.

The aforementioned reasons are logical enough to convince about pursuing education in New Zealand. For more reasons, approach the experts present in a global education fair in Chennai.

Summary: New Zealand in now a popular study destination attracting students from various parts of the world. This blog showcases the reasons why you should study in New Zealand.

Why Studying in Australia may be the Right Move for you?

Study in australia
Image: Gettyimages

Australia ranks third among the countries attracting the highest number of international students per year. It is also the seat of 7 universities of the world. So, the quality of education in this country is bound to be very high. Apart from the high quality of education, that are various other reasons that are good enough to inspire you to choose Australia as your study destination. Read on to know some of the major reasons in detail. Visiting an Australia education fair would also let you know why studying in Australia may be the right move for you.

Here are some of the primary reasons that prompt international students to select Australia as their study destination:

Friendly Environment for Students:

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant nation with friendly people. English is the language of instruction in this country. It has a safe and friendly society where students get ample opportunities to learn and move about freely.

Affordable Education:

Studying in Australia is less expensive, especially when compared to studying in the United States and the United Kingdom. While the standard of living is quite high in this country, education in Australia offers a good value for money. Moreover, the scholarship opportunities are more in Australia than in any other country.

Excellent Education System:

The Australia’s approach to professional and technical education is considered to be one of the best in the world. The education system of the country has a good reputation for excellence in various domains of education. The universities in Australia ensure that the students not only acquire knowledge but also acquire the ability to apply the knowledge in the workplace in future years. Practical and career-oriented training is offered so that the students become confident that they possess the skills demanded in the industry.

Australia encourages new technologies more than most other nations. The teaching, research and training facilities available in this country are globally acclaimed. The educational institutions here are equipped with state-of-the-art classroom and laboratories and rich libraries.

Excellent Employment Opportunities:

While the United Kingdom offers good job opportunities for doctors and the United States attract the IT professionals, Australia offers employment in multiple other disciplines. Whether it is in Agricultural sector or in Aeronautics field, in Accounts or finance departments, Australia provides work permits to international students like no other country.

The aforementioned reasons are good enough to allure you to go to Australia to pursue higher education. However, visit an Australia education fair, talk to the consultants, seek their advice about which university to choose.

The consultants present at the Australia education fair are usually very knowledgeable and they are the best to guide you regarding which university to choose. They will let you know about the eligibility criteria, admission procedures, scholarship opportunities in various Australian educational institutions. Apart from seeking their guidance, you can also check the internet to know about the top Australian universities and the admission procedures they follow.

Summary: Planning to go abroad for studies? You can choose Australia as your study destination. Read this blog to know why Australia may be the right education destination for you.

Finding the Right Post Graduate Program Abroad

A considerable part of the young generation students chooses to pursue post graduate programs as they believe that the qualification would add more value to their CV and help them climb up the ladder of success easily. Pursuing a post graduate program abroad will, no doubt, turn you into a valued asset to your recruiters. Moreover, it will help you earn more number of interview calls.


Now, let us highlight on how to find the right post graduate course abroad. Here are a few tips to follow:

Decide According to Your Career Goals:

Set your career goals and find out which particular post graduate course would help you reach your mission. In order to do this, do a thorough research of the courses and relate it to your specific needs. Seeking suggestions from friends and members of the family who have already pursued the course would also be helpful in this regard. Approaching the education consultants in a global education fair would also help you acquire the right guidance.

career-counselling-online-india Top Benefits of Approaching a Career Counselling Service

Know How Would You Benefit from the Course:

It is important to go through the prospectus thoroughly before selecting a particular course. It would provide you with a detailed knowledge of what the course consists of and how you are going to benefit from it.

There are various programs that have certain subjects as compulsory and some as optional. Make a comparative study of the different curricula and have an idea about what they cover. Finally, determine which educational program would best suit your specific requirements and help you attain your career goal.

Check If the Course Would Qualify You as a Professional:

Dreaming of a career where a professional qualification would be a necessity? Is this the reason why you want to pursue a post-graduation degree? If “yes”, find out if the course you have chosen finally after a lot of research is recognized for helping students become a professional. If the course you have selected is not recognized by any professional body, rule out your choice.

Department Rating:

Don’t forget to check out how students have rated the department you have chosen. Compare the rating with the ratings of the same department in other universities. It is completely based on the quality of teaching that a department is rated.

The Number of Students:

Before selecting a course, check out the number of students that have opted for the same program. If there are too many students, know that there would be lesser opportunities of direct communication with the professors. Looking from this point of view, choosing a course that have been opted by many students would not be the right option.

About Funding Your Studies:

Funding a post-graduation program is not an easy matter. Not everyone has the affordability to fund it. However, there are ways opting which you will not feel the pressure of funding your studies in a foreign destination.


How to make Study Abroad affordable.

You can opt for university scholarships or can approach educational charities or trusts that can help you fund your education.  If the said options do not click for you, you can choose to apply for a professional development loan.  Connecting with the seniors would not be a bad idea as you would be able to know how they managed the funding. Before going abroad for education, you can visit an education fair in Delhi and seek assistance from the consultants regarding funding your studies.

Summary: This blog guides you about how to choose the right post graduate program abroad. The tips offered here may help you choose the right course suiting your career goals.

Disadvantages of Choosing Not to Study Abroad

An increased urge for studying abroad is seen in the Indian students now-a-days. Not only the younger generation is attracted to the popular study destinations like The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, but many are choosing to pursue their education in Italy, Germany and France where English is not the prime means of communication. Ask an education expert in an education fair in Chennai 2016, he will talk about several disadvantages of not studying abroad and convince you to step into the western world for education. But, why?

benefits of Studying Abroad

Probing into What Convinces Indians to Study Abroad

Is it the value and esteem associated with foreign universities that prompt the Indian students to go abroad for higher studies? Or it is the better career prospects that entice the young Indians to get admission in the top overseas institutions? If the standard of education, repute of the foreign institutions, career prospects and options for research is taken into consideration, then what crops up in the mind is: Does the quality of higher education our country fall short of what is offered by the western world? Do the colleges and universities in India fail to offer much scope for research?  Are the methods of education followed here are not good enough to keep back students and refrain them from studying abroad?

Highlighting on the Prime Drawbacks of Not Studying Overseas

Here are the disadvantages of not studying abroad:

  • Inadequate Exposure:

One of the marked disadvantages is inadequate exposure in India for those planning to pursue higher studies. Many present generation presentations can now afford overseas education for their students. Moreover, thanks to the easy availability of scholarships and financial aids, the students can live and study abroad without financial constraints. By studying overseas, students are exposed to international learning environment and culture and globally accepted working atmosphere. They get the chance to make international friends, acquire confidence and mature fast. This turns out to be a remarkable advantage when you think of building up a career in the long term.

Moreover, getting a degree from a top overseas university would enhance your value to the big brand employers. A candidate with international exposure is always valued more than an individual with local perspective on things.

  • Lack of Lateral Thinking Scope:

If you look back at your school days, you will realize that you have been given exposure to outdated content and compelled to mug them up and memorize to present them in the exam papers. You have not been taught to think laterally but in a linear manner. Surveys prove that in India, students are taught about what to think and not how to think. Here lies the problem with our education system. As teachers, we do not allow our students to grow their own perspectives, rather burden them with the age-old, conventional perspectives.

  • Lack of Application-Based Learning and Purposeful Research:

In order to find out the third biggest drawback of not studying abroad, we should highlight on certain positive aspects of education in the foreign countries. Most of the popular foreign institutions support application-based learning and encourage institution-industry communication and purposeful research. Moreover, these universities offer 24×7 laboratory and library facilities and superfast Wi-Fi on campus.

The universities in Canada allow students to gain knowledge through research-oriented project works. While students’ autonomy is highly support in Canada, the professors offer their helping hand to enrich the knowledge and learning experience of the students. On the other hand, the institutions in the US, allow students to acquire knowledge through working on assignments in a team, to prepare and present research papers and interact with the concerned industry people. On the contrary, education in India is content-based and the opportunity for research facilities and students’ autonomy is limited here.

To know more about the disadvantages of not studying abroad, approaching a consultant in an education fair in Chennai 2016 would be helpful.


Summary: This article focuses on the positive aspects of the overseas universities to help you understand the disadvantages of not pursuing education abroad. Read on to know how education in a foreign university can help you build a prosperous future.